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Book 5: PRODIGAL disclaimer

UPDATE: Fully proofed edition released on 6/13/2011. From the author . . . Just a bit of warning, Book 5 has been released with a certain degree of proofreading errors. It was my decision, as numerous emails indicated concern over how things ended in Book 4: REVENANT. So I chose to ‘early-release’ Book 5 to… Read more

Book 5: PRODIGAL now available!

It’s here! Book Five: PRODIGAL is now available in all formats. See Where To Buy to order. Click Here for the newly released description and first chapter preview. Or select from NOVELS up above.

Book 5 completed!

Wow … did this book turn out different! After the fun but somewhat heart-rendering story of Book 4 (sorry, but I had to set the stage!), I really wanted to give the reader a break in this book. I had intended it be a light-hearted and zany adventure – including turning Ben into an Indiana… Read more

Book 5: PRODIGAL status

Due to Books 4 and 5 being written somewhat in tandem, the draft of Book 5: PRODIGAL is now complete. Public release is expected by the end of March. UPDATE: Now in official production queue! Expected release: March 15, 2011! Book 6: AVALON is expected late summer.