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Book Release Schedule

Many have asked about Book 4: REVENANT. I am actually writing Books 4 & 5 in tandem. I hope to have a rough draft completed by December, and final drafts of both REVENANT and PRODIGAL by February. Books 4 & 5 will likely be published together with public availability in the spring. I will have… Read more

Hearing from my readers

I’m beginning to hear from many of you, and that’s great. Several of you are already into Book 3! That’s incredible! Man, you guys read fast. I love hearing from people about my stories. It helps me plan and write for the future. You can contact me <here>. I do respond to e-mails!

Why paperback before hardcover?

Tough times, of course. Maybe when our economy eventually recovers I’ll go the more traditional route of introducing the hardcover edition first, followed by paperback several months later. We’ll see. Nevertheless, the hardcover editions will be available (for those who can afford it) on January 15, 2011.

Finally over and done with!

Well the books are finally launched. Whew! That was a lot of work. Now if I can just figure out what to do with my remaining 4 minutes of each day. Someone suggested I get a cup of coffee. Hmmm – ever hear of Jamaican Blue Mountain? Gotta find me some…

Launch Day!

Click on links below (see Where To Buy above for more details). Print versions (6 x 9 paperback available now – hardcover available 1/15/2011): Book One: BEGINNINGS | Book Two: AWAKENING | Book Three: PROPHET Kindle e-book verions: Book One: BEGINNINGS | Book Two: AWAKENING | Book Three: PROPHET e-Book versions also work on… Read more

Paul’s author blog (comments welcome)

Hello and welcome to the site. I’ll be updated stuff from time to time. I’m gonna try to get blog synching with the Facebook and Twitter sites (listed below) – not sure how that will go. That’s all for now – gotta get the website finished for launch day!