• Website links have changed.

    Take note, if you are still using the old website links, be sure to update as they will stop working soon. You can get to all of the book sites from here: PaulGreenAuthor.com
     Or you can get to the individual series websites at the new updated links:

  • Book Release Delays

    Dear Reader, I know this will disappoint many of you, but I have decided to cut back on my fast-paced release schedule. Where before I would release 4-5 books per year, I will now only plan on releasing 1-2 books per year. I have released a statement with explanation <HERE>.

  • Now available on iBookstore & iTunes!

    ipad-ibooksThat’s right! Everyone has been asking and a deal has finally been struck. (Note: The delay was all about Apple wanting my book rights, which I wasn’t willing to hand over. Now everybody is happy). All e-books are now available on Apple IOS devices via the iBookstore & iTunes. (Hint: from your iBooks App, search the iBook store for ‘Paul Green’). Or see Where to Buy for more info.

  • The Professor Diaries are here!

    PDBook1Cover75The launch of a brand new series! Book 1: Me and the Professor is out and now available in all formats! Click Here to visit the new series website.

  • New books planned for Second Chance series!

    While the main storyline is now complete, it has always been my intention to periodically add additional new standalone titles over time. Two new books are planned with possibly more to come. SHOGUN will be Hiro and Nori’s story, while DISCOVERY will be based upon Jean and Arthur Davison’s story. ETA release in 2014.

  • Sneak preview of Prophet Chronicles now available!

    After a long delay due to the launch of Tales From Camelot, Paul is finally busily back to work on the Prophet Chronicles series. Now working on two series at once, writing is well underway with the first book: ATLANTIS, which is expected to be completed by Spring 2013. Check out the sneak peak preview now available! CLICK HERE to read the Forward, Prologue and first chapter of ATLANTIS!

  • Revised Book 6: AVALON Part 1 Released

    The newly revised and updated Book 6: AVALON – Part 1 has just been released and is now available LIVE in all formats. (Note: in the front you will see a revision publish date of September 2012). If you have an older copy and would like the updated version, drop us a line (see CONTACT AUTHOR above) and we will email you a free updated copy for e-books. What has changed: Minor grammar corrections (serious over-usage of the word ‘most’ ;), added names for some previously unnamed characters (ie. evil father is now Gorlois, Master Scribe is now Alfred, Luella, etc.) and other minor changes to better align with the Tales From Camelot series.

  • Reader Comments

    Reader/Reviewer comments:

    “Paul’s unique writing style and signature sense of humor adds a breath of fresh air to this genre. Highly recommended.”
    -adult, male

    “Twists and turns at every corner. I love it!”
    -retired adult, female

    “GREAT BOOK! It kept me going. I couldn’t put it down yesterday; I cried, laughed and want to read more. I really loved it. You be the man.”
    -adult, male

    “This book grabs you from the first page and you can’t put it down. Plan on losing sleep. Fortunately it’s a fast read. Too fast. I want more!”
    -young adult, female

    “Laughed out loud a LOT! Always got a smile. As suspenseful as Left Behind. Even the romance was great – I never thought I could enjoy this type. This is seriously a NY Best Seller!”
    -adult, male

    “My new favorite author!”
    -teen, female

  • From the author

    Audio controls at bottom. ˅

    Ever since I was a very small child, I have always loved a good story. I remember saving up my lunch money all year in the third grade, so that when the book club order form came out each month I could buy more books than my limited budget of three. I was a skinny kid.

    I will never forget all those years where I would stay up well past my bedtime, hiding beneath my covers with a flashlight and enjoying the wonders of new worlds and characters and all of their amazing adventures. I have missed those years. More specifically, I have missed that sense of wonder, as few books these days seem to contain that special ingredient for me.

    Therefore it is my greatest hope that as you read my stories, that regardless of your age, you too may enjoy that which I hold most dear in the reading of a good book.


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